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Halls for riding arenas

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Halls for riding arenas

In order to meet the expectations of more and more demanding clients looking for an indoor riding school, Protan Elmark has introduced a new type of halls dedicated to horse breeders, the riding halls.


Year-round use of storage space

Temporary warehouse buildings from Portan Elmark can be used all year round. They are made of high quality, durable PVC materials, which makes them resistant to snow, rain and wind. Our portable structures are waterproof. This is especially important for UK customers, since strong rainfall is not unusual there.

 Year-round use of storage space

360° TOUR

Virtual tour

Take a virtual walk around one of our tent halls. See our hall not only from the outside, but also get to know its interior. You can see why such structures are so popular by entering the sports hall we have designed.

types of covering
Halls for riding arenas PVC

For the construction of our structures, we use high quality materials which are light, but also durable. This guarantees effective protection against wind and rain. In addition, the PVC material allows daylight into the interior, which reduces the electricity bill. The choice of this form of the plating is also beneficial from a financial point of view.

types of covering
Halls for riding arenas made of trapezoidal sheet

Due to the use of trapezoidal metal sheet, our warehouse buildings for sale in the UK are very durable. The use of this material protects the warehouse’s contents from being accessed by third parties, and the structure from capricious and unfavourable atmospheric conditions.

types of covering
Halls for riding arenas made of the sandwich panel

Thanks to the application of the layered panel, the warehouse has excellent thermal insulation. The plating we use meets all safety requirements, including fire protection.  It is therefore used especially in industrial buildings in which people work all year round, or in storage buildings in the case of a special heat sensitivity of the products stored in them.

the type of structure
Halls for riding arenas - aluminum construction

The lightweight construction of aluminum profiles allows for quick investment completion. It allows for quick and easy installation and makes it easier to move an object to another location. Aluminum construction is multifunctional. It can be used in event, industrial, storage or market buildings and sports venues. For more demanding customers, we also offer an additional opportunity to anodize or powder coat aluminum, which is of the greatest importance in the case of event halls.

the type of structure
Halls for riding arenas - steel construction

This type of construction is based on lattice frames, which are made of closed steel profiles. This is a solid solution which makes the warehouse more durable and resilient to, among other things, an increased snow load. Steel construction is primarily used in storage and industrial buildings (storage and industrial buildings). The galvanization of steel, offered as a standard feature, additionally prolongs the expected life of the product and significantly improves the aesthetics of the object.

the type of structure
Halls for riding arenas
steel construction up to 120 kg of snow/m2

This is the ideal solution for use in areas with increased snowfall. This type of structure is built up from frames that are made of steel profiles enclosed in a truss system. It is used, among others, for the construction of storage and industrial buildings located on the higher-lying areas, and its use guarantees peace of the mind even in the case of increased snowfall.


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