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Rent Industrial temporary buildings – long-term hire

Your company can afford the long-term rental of an industrial temporary building. However, it cannot afford to postpone further investments - especially as your competitors take further steps to increase their storage capacity and competitive advantage.

Industrial building manufacturer - Protan Elmark is a reliable choice if you are considering long-term rental of an industrial temporary building. Protan Elmark have been manufacturing modular buildings for generations. They are a cost-effective alternative to traditional buildings. All you have to do is tell us what kind of storage or industrial space you need to hire and we will take care of the rest. Our quick and easy building configurator will help you get the additional space you need to grow your business profitably. 

360° TOUR

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Take a virtual walk around a temporary building to see how practical they can be!  This recently completed sports hall is a good example of a bespoke, temporary solution. 

Industrial temporary buildings

The perfect solution for your company

Flexibility, competitiveness, being able to meet the market demands – these are just some of the advantages of modular industrial structures. After all, a company does not always need a traditional, permanent building. Construction costs are soaring, with a temporary building, you don't need to hire architects, undertake expensive groundworks or suffer the disruption and stress of a long-term building project.  Hire the additional storage space you need.   A modular building from Protan Elmark is the solution you need.  Hire or rent one today! 

 The perfect solution for your company

Long-term rental of a tent structure

The long-term rental of an industrial temporary building, makes it possible to use a space that is tailored to your business without overly stretching the budget. Temporary buildings are high quality, modular, pre-fabricated structures that can be built on site in a matter of days.  They are engineered to stand up to the test of time.  They are excellent alternatives to portable cabins and marquees due to their size, security, safety, flexibility and portable nature.  They make ideal temporary warehouses, storage facilities and shelters.  We can provide a portable building for long-term rental or short-term hire.  When will this solution work?

  1. Are you in the process of building or renovating a building and finding that you are losing customers due to time-consuming construction works? Industrial temporary buildings are an alternative to traditional brick buildings. Renting such a structure creates temporary space for your employees and equipment and thus allows your business to run smoothly.
  2. Do you run a business that requires your constant mobility? Long-term rental of temporary buildings gives you more flexibility than using conventional warehouse or industrial space. This solution works all over the country - the assembly and disassembly of the structure is not only simple, but can be completed by the assembly team in days, minimising disruption on your property. 
  3. Do you need extra space to store your products? It is better to rent a structure, e.g. as a temporary storage space, than to build your own building or look for a brick (and more expensive) building for rent. A temporary structure can be used as a warehouse for storing products, supplies, machinery or equipment. We can furnish facilities of this type with additional ventilation and alarm systems, as well as lighting, heating or cooling to ensure the right conditions for storing goods.
  4. Repair and maintenance – industrial buildings are also suitable as a space for the repair, maintenance and storage of plant, machinery and industrial equipment, as well as for the assembly of products. The robust construction of our structures enables them to be used year-round, allowing you to achieve your company's business goals regardless of the weather.
  5. Industrial temporary buildings are also suitable for research and development activities. The rental of a temporary building is a good solution for manufacturing, product prototyping or equipment testing - often such work requires specific conditions that we are able to provide, such as insulated buildings. An offer of long-term rental of an industrial temporary structure can be an attractive solution for manufacturing companies and those responsible for the storage, repair and maintenance of machinery, research & development, and storage of semi-finished products. If you are looking for a long-term hire, customising the temporary building to meet the individual needs of your business is also not a problem, and allows for a more affordable investment.  There are a wide range of customisation options from mezzanine floors, windows, doors and bespoke lighting options.

If you have an urgent need for quick on-site storage space, we can offer a short-term rental option. This is possible due to our high-quality manufacturing process.  Temporary buildings are modular structures that are highly standardised.  This means, we can quickly and cost-effectively manufacture a storage solution that's right for you.  We also have a wide range of rental stock available off the shelf! 

Rental of tent structures on favourable terms

At Protan Elmark, we don't say that we take into account our customers' expectations - we simply meet them. A company that enquires about renting a temporary building receives a full service. By focusing on our customers' needs, we tailor the facility to the actual needs of future users, rather than to what we imagine about the customer's business.

Above all, we are aware that the purchase of a temporary building is not always the best option, which is why we also offer Protan Elmark rental service. Attractive prices make tent structures available for both experienced businesses and start-ups who need to strictly control their fixed costs.

Long-term rental of temporary buildings – offer

The offer includes the rental of Protan Elmark tent structures - these are industrial temporary buildings with high-quality cladding and a solid, robust structure that provides 100% safety for the people inside. Rental prices depend, of course, on the customer's needs - in the summer season, items such as a heater will not be needed. The quotation also includes the type of structure, dimensions and materials used.

This is why we prepare offers on an individual basis for each customer. So you can be sure that renting an industrial temporary building will bring measurable benefits to your company, because the structure will respond to your real needs. How to rent a temporary building? Contact us!

types of covering
Fabric clear span industrial buildings

Our clear span industrial structures for sale in the US are built of lightweight and durable materials. The use of high quality fabric provides effective protection against adverse weather conditions and ensures a long product life. Fabric material transmits light, but on special request a material that reduces access of sunlight can be used.

types of covering
Temporary industrial buildings made of a trapezoidal sheet

The use of trapezoidal sheet makes warehouse less accessible from the outside and more resilient to, among others, changing weather conditions. This structure is stable and secure.

types of covering
Temporary industrial buildings made of the sandwich panel

The sandwich panel guarantees effective thermal insulation. Our structures comply with all fire protection requirements. Sandwich panel is often used in industrial buildings, and its use allows for significant savings in the process of heating the hall and its year-round maintenance.

the type of structure
Temporary industrial warehouse - aluminum construction

A short implementation term is a distinctive feature of the construction of aluminum structures. Both the production itself and the assembly process are fast. Industrial warehouse made of aluminum is multifunctional, and its design and parameters are customized to individual customer preferences.

the type of structure
Temporary industrial warehouse - steel construction

Steel structures are a very solid solution. They use a truss framework made of closed steel profiles. Thanks to this, the warehouse is more resistant to snow load. Steel structures are used especially in storage and industrial buildings.

the type of structure
Temporary industrial warehouse - steel construction up to 120 kg of snow/m2

This is an attractive solution for entrepreneurs from areas where heavy snowfall is an issue. The structure consists of frames made of steel profiles enclosed in a truss system. Its application is recommended, among others, for the construction of industrial and storage buildings.

Industrial temporary buildings – short-term rental

Get rid of long-term commitments and contracts that bind your company for a long time. Industrial temporary buildings for rent offer greater flexibility and allow you to adapt the space to your current needs.

You will avoid the costs of maintaining your own facility (for example, energy, water or rent costs). If your production increases or decreases, you don't have to worry about storage space - you can adapt the space to your company's current situation. At Protan Elmark, we offer industrial tent structures for rent in a variety of sizes and equipment, which allows you quick access to space without having to wait for the building to be erected or arranged.

Short-term rental of industrial structure

Short-term temporary building rental involves renting space for a specific period of time, usually from a few days to a maximum of a few months. The contract with the rental company includes terms and conditions of rental, such as cost, time of rental, technical requirements, assembly and dismantling dates and insurance conditions. This gives the person or company renting the temporary building access to a fully equipped facility ready for immediate use.

At Protan Elmark, we provide, among other things, warehouse and industrial temporary buildings. The structures can have partitioned office and social space and a separate production area, allowing you to organise the space according to your company's needs. How can you rent a hall? Just tell us what you need and we'll take care of the rest!


What makes renting space better than building a facility?

Short-term rental of industrial structures is a good option for companies that need additional space for a short period of time or do not want to invest in building their own facility. It is also a perfect solution if:

  • you operate on a seasonal basis and signing a rental agreement is not only more cost-effective, but also gives you more flexibility,
  • you are looking for a way to save costs - short-term renting of an industrial space can be much cheaper than building your own facility or long-term rental,
  • you have a logistics company and need additional storage space, for example to store goods during peak season or due to increasing market demand,
  • you are in commerce - industrial tent structures can be used as commercial premises in the event of increased commercial activity, e.g. during holidays,
  • you run a construction company – our industrial structures for rent also work well as a temporary construction facility, e.g. as warehouse for building materials or as a temporary office,
  • you want to rent a property to host a party or an industry event, but prices in, for example, the city centre put you off - renting a temporary building - even in an attractive location should simply be cheaper.

The building of a conventional manufacturing facility is time-consuming and expensive. Our offer will allow you to respond quickly to market demands and expand your business without extended construction or renovation works.

Rental of tent structure – standard in the season

Renting an industrial temporary building has become standard for several reasons. Firstly, this solution allows for flexible management, as the company can adapt the space to current needs, such as an increase in production, a change in the product range or different seasons. Secondly, it is usually more cost-effective than building a facility or purchasing a temporary building. Construction and purchase costs can strain the company’s finances, especially if a company is just starting.

You can also avoid lengthy negotiations. Renting a temporary building helps you to avoid long-term commitments, enables you to respond quickly to customer demand and allows you to expand your company's capacity almost in one day. In high season, when time counts, you don't have to worry about organisation and logistics.


Temporary building and warehouses for rent from Protan Elmark

A warehouse with office space is one of the basic facilities in a business, regardless of the industry. However, you don't always have such space at your disposal, and your company needs to be up and running when new orders come in. Being able to respond quickly to demand of the market is one of the most important advantages of short-term rental of temporary buildings.

Working with Protan Elmark guarantees you access to temporary buildings with a space tailored to your company's needs - our structures are versatile and convenient - they make it easier for you to carry out your daily duties and tasks.

We will also take care of the professional assembly and disassembly of the structure, so you won't waste time looking for a trusty assembly team. We will also provide you with the technical specification of the structure - we know that safety is crucial for this type of investment.

Contact us and we'll take care of the rest!


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